Who would paint your home?

How do we decide who will paint our home next time?  Is it based on cost, quality, speed, ability, trust?  Most think that painting their own home isn’t so hard…till they get started.  Then they may think that if they can get it as cheap as possible, they’ll be able to save money.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose a contractor based solely on cost – You’ll get what you pay for!!  There’s a balance between the cost it takes to pay  a contractor and the cost of the product.  You really shouldn’t skimp on either.  The cheaper the paint, the sooner you’ll have to paint next time.  The cheaper the contractor, generally, the less satisfied you’ll be with the end results.  The goal, then, is to find a contractor that will do the job right, use the best products, and be around for many years to come to provide you with warranty and/or follow-up services.


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