Time Flies – Children Grow

As a parent of growing (can I say, SUPER-growing) children, I am amazed if not daily, then at least monthly how quickly they go from baby crib to extending past their twin-size bed.

Remembering when I could fit them in the palm of my hands

This morning I happened to be visiting with my 12-yr old as she was putting on her shoes, when she exclaimed that she had already outgrown her new socks.  Doubting this, since they are an adult size, I tried them on my own feet.  I demonstrated that they do indeed fit, “you just gotta pull them up a little harder.”  This led to a foot-to-foot comparison.  I could hardly believe my eyes…how could it be possible that my 12-yr old had feet only 1/2″ shorter than mine?!  Adding perspective to this:  I am over 5 ft 9 1/2 in. tall and am on the larger spectrum of shoe-sizes (9 1/2 to 10) for a female.  She is well on her way to my “Amazonian” (that’s what my husband calls me) ways.

Realizing that my oldest is not finished growing yet, I thought perhaps we should consider getting her a larger bed (full-size) so she’d be more comfortable.  I had the brilliant idea that my husband, and owner of Renovate Paint and Design, should build a loft bed.  I thought it would give her more room in her bedroom and give her that college-feel.  Always the practical one he clearly pointed out that there was no way it would fit as her ceiling fan would have to go and she’d only have about a foot distance from the ceiling to climb into her bed.  Not very practical.  Our other plan, then, is to get her a “California”-size twin.

As she grows, so has her realization that she has the smaller bedroom and closet than her younger sister.  Here we go.  She now wants her closet enlargened.  We knew it would happen one day, but not so soon.  Fortunate for her, her father has the skills and designing capability to make this happen.  Now if only we can find the time.


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