Smart Choices for Interior Painting

When choosing the right paint for your home you will need to consider the mood you wish to create, how functional it is (washable), and health concerns about painting.

Changing from off white or light beige to a richer/warmer color affects the whole atmosphere of each room.  The color brings together the furnishings, both highlighting and complementing your décor.  The choice in adding color begins with a little boldness from you and in seeking help from professionals so that you can enhance your homes appearance.

The functional benefit of a washable paint is obvious if you have young children or pets.  Paints that have a satin sheen tend to be washable and there are a few paints such as Duration Home (Sherwin Williams) that have a mat (flat) finish with the same claim.  The only negative aspect about a satin sheen is that it does not create as warm of an environment as does a mat finish.  Making a choice for satin paints in high traffic areas, children’s bedrooms, and baths can give the walls more life with less frequent painting.  However, I would suggest in low traffic areas (ex., master bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms) you choose a mat finish paint to enhance the warmth/mood.

Families with young children & pets often consider low- or no-VOC paint options

Oftentimes customers are concerned about the smells and fumes coming from paints.  Paints do, over time, release what is known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the home environment.  There are many warnings on the labels of paint cans that speak about the harmful effects of VOCs.  In particular, if you have respiratory problems, allergies, young children, pregnant, or if you are concerned in general about environmentally friendly paints, then those with low or no VOCs are right for your home.


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