The Changing Colors of Fall and Your Home

Fall colors will be creeping all around us soon! Consider colors for your home.

Fall brings about many changes.  It’s also a time when homeowners consider improving the look of their home as they prepare for holiday entertaining and family gatherings.  Choosing colors when repainting the interior or exterior of your home can be complicated, but rewarding when the right choices and combinations are used.  Working as a color consultant on our projects we have found that when considering colors, homeowners typically will either want to stay in a safe range of color selection or be more adventurous with multiple and/or dramatic colors.

The exterior selection of colors is less complicated than interior selection.  Basically, we, at Renovate Paint and Design, visualize the overall design of your home, the siding and roof colors, and the colors of homes around the property.  One of the most important tools we use is listening to the customer and asking questions.  When a general direction on color selection is determined we then choose two to three color combinations that work well with the home, thus taking much of the complication out of the decision process.

 Whether painting for the first time or updating the interior of your home, the selection of colors will transform it into an environment that reflects the personality or interests of the homeowner, such as: warmth, tranquility, vibrancy, elegance, modernism, drama, or passion.  Most homeowners are fleeing from the monotone off white or beige walls that were standard when the home was built.  They are becoming more educated in their choices by reading home magazines, visiting color visualizers on the internet, going to the Parade of Homes, or by stopping to look at model homes in new subdivisions.  Renovate Paint and Design compliments this knowledge by bringing years of experience with colors and textures into the homeowners’ environment.  They have established that the best way of helping customers in choosing the right colors is to envision the desired outcome.  When considering color changes, focus on the furnishings, floor coverings, architecture design of the home, and the desired effect.  Renovate Paint and Design gives a free color consultation during the estimate for painting your home to assist in the overall transformation that you desire.  Call us at 210-403-3232 to set up your appointment.


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