SOLUTIONS for Avoiding Painting Traps

While painting is one of the most inexpensive ways you can remodel and protect your investment, a quality  job does not come cheap.  There are some painting traps that if you fall into could lead to a paint job lasting only 5 years.  However, avoiding these traps and finding a company built on integrity will lead to a paint job that will last 10 to 12 years, and cost you less in the long run.  How can you ensure you’ll be paying for a high quality job at the best possible price?

Sure he may look like a painter, but there’s more to painting than “looking” the part.

 Trap #1:     Temptation may be to go for the least costly painting estimate; however, you will have to consider what you are paying versus what you are actually getting.

Solution:    Ask questions about what they will be doing, what type of paint they’ll be using, get many references, and check the Better Business Bureau.

Trap #2:     Very little is in writing on the estimate, so what you get may be a mystery.

Solution:    Be sure everything is in writing; remember if it is not, it doesn’t exist.

Trap #3:     Switching paint materials and / or watering down the paint.

Solution:    Ask how many gallons will be used, inspect paint materials, and ask for copies of the receipts.

Trap #4:     The cover up: hiding with caulk or cheap wood filler damaged/rotten wood that should have been replaced.

Solution:    Visually inspect your home with binoculars for damage prior to asking for estimates.  All wood repairs need to be in writing.

Trap #5:      Using a cheap caulk that will crack open in a short period of time, thus allowing rain to get behind the painted surfaces.

Solution:    It’s your home that is being painted.  Ask the painter to show you the caulk that will be used.  It should say at least 50+ years of life.

Trap #6:     No close inspections at the end of the job—they just “take the money and run.”

Solution:     A Service Manager or company owner should inspect your home with you at the end of the job.  Grab a pair of binoculars and carefully inspect the surfaces the exterior.  Be sure you have sufficient lighting, and maybe get a flashlight, for dimly lit areas on the interior and/or exterior of your home.

Trap #7:      Their primary experience is in new construction or low/moderate-end apartments.

Solution:     Painters in these settings aren’t as concerned with the non-painted surface. Interview the painter before hand, to determine their experience.  Check with at least five past customers for their satisfaction.  Finally, be sure they are protecting the non-painted surfaces during your project (roof, brick, trim, windows, fans, etc.).

Trap #8:    Painting Contractor has too many projects going on at once, thus neglecting your project resulting in not finishing in a timely manner.

Solution:     While interviewing the painter get a definite start and completion time. Additionally, get a commitment as to what time they will arrive and leave during each day.

Call RENOVATE PAINT AND DESIGN, 210-403-3232, to receive a FREE estimate to find out how we stand out above the rest, and how we’ll ensure that you’ll be one of our many satisfied customers.


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