Your home is an investment that needs to be protected

Protecting your homes’ exterior surfaces can be costly, so often the question is when it is necessary to spend the money for preserving this important investment.  This all depends on how well your home has been protected by the products used and how they were applied at the time it was painted.

 If you have an older home (10+ years) the expected lifetime of the painted surface depends on the last painter’s discretion and integrity.  Preparation, application, and quality of materials all play into the longevity of the painted surface in protecting your home.  This holds true for newer homes, as well.  It is not uncommon for new homes to need the exteriors repainted within the first 5 years due to poor application and inferior materials.

The most important indicators as to when to paint your home are:

  • open caulk joints,
  • peeling surfaces,
  • chalking or dullness on the painted surfaces,
  • mildew growth, and
  • wood damage. 

 A timely paint job can save you money by preventing deterioration of exterior surfaces thus requiring minimal or no repairs.  Secondly, a professional paint job can save you money over time by having to paint less often:  approximately every 10 years instead of every 5 years. 

 When choosing paint, select a premium grade from a local paint supplier such as: Sherwin Williams(Duration Paint); Coronado (Crylicote); Pittsburg(Manor Hall) just to name a few.  The top-of-the-line paints tend to have advanced latex formulas that last longer, are resistant to fading and help prevent mildew growth.

 When choosing a company to paint your home, follow these guidelines:

  • require many references,
  • drive by a home that was completed by the paint company,
  • check the Better Business Bureau,
  • have everything in writing,
  • pay no money up front,
  • meet the individual in person to determine character and comfort level in a working relationship.

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