5 Point Guide to Know When You Need New Windows

window1Unfortunately, homes are not built to last forever, and windows are no exception. The weather and sunlight take a daily toll on them and being made of glass makes windows especially vulnerable to breakage.  When your window glass is broken isn’t a time to replace the whole window. Usually you can simply replace the glass, which is known as re-glazing, to save some serious money.

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Here is a guide as to when it is the right time to replace your windows:

  1. They’re damaged, warped, or brokenwindow rot

A) Your timber frame windows are rotting – Signs of rot on your wooden windows: glass pane not fitting snugly or rattling, spongy or moldy appearance to the wood, difficulty opening or closing the window. The most effective solution is to opt for replacement.  These issues are driving up your monthly energy bill, as well as eliminating an emergency escape route. Replacing them with new windows that are custom-built to fit the opening will not only save you money every month but can also prevent a lot of frustration.

B) Windows have condensation and leaks – When the seal on the glass panes of a double-paned window fails, air and moisture enter the window and cause the irritating fog that blocks your view and is impossible to clean off. Sometimes this problem can be solved by simply having the seal fixed, but if the bigger issue is that the window frames themselves have warped, you will continue to experience seal failure time and time again.

Yes, condensation can be wiped away, but this quickly becomes annoying and often means you end up with mold growing on the inside of the frame too. And mist or moisture inside the window glass can’t be resolved, it will simply sit there obscuring your view and blocking the light.

C) You can’t open the window. – This can be caused by several factors, such as the foundation shifting, the frame deteriorating, or the windows being painted shut.  On the other hand, you may have tried to close your windows as tight as possible to prevent a cold winter draft or dust cloud from seeping in, only to become frustrated that the frame doesn’t seal completely closed anymore.

D) You have drafts, or your window won’t close properly – Drafts can often occur when the window doesn’t shut properly. If the locking mechanism is not working any more, this can be the cause. And don’t forget that could give you a potential security issue too.  Other reasons for drafts included misaligned sashes, the weather-stripping has worn out or the caulking has cracked. The good news is that these issues can be fixed, so it’s worth taking advice to make sure you know what the problem is before going the whole hog and buying new windows.

  1. You want to reduce your energy bill  

Calculating Energy bill

Windows provide some heat in the winter by letting in sunlight. But drafty windows can cause your energy bills to be about 10% to 25% higher.  Drafty air leaks and water condensing on the inside glass are indicators the window isn’t protecting you from the outside world properly. Cold air infiltrates and heat pours out through the same weak seals, wasting your money.

Older, single-pane windows are especially prone to leaking, and the single pane of glass does little to block incoming light, heat and cold.  Take a good look at your windows. If you’ve always wondered why your room is always too cold in winter and too hot when the sun is out, it may be that you have single pane rather than double-pane glass. These are often found in old properties and can make your home quite uncomfortable because they’re simply not as effective or as efficient as a more modern, double-glazed window. Time to replace.

  1. Your home needs a makeover


Windows are one of the most prominent features of a home, and if they look worn, your house will too. Look to see whether the color is fading, or the window material is warping, or whether old screens or storm windows detract from the curb appeal of your home.

While you’re upgrading your home’s appearance, you might also wish to change the type of window from a fixed sash to a window that opens to create a more comfortable interior and improve airflow through your home.  Another option? Install larger windows to increase a room’s natural light, which has aesthetic and health benefits: According to the Lighting Research Center, daylit environments increase productivity and comfort, plus help regulate your circadian rhythms for better general wellness.

Perhaps your windows need a new style as they help define the home’s character.  Windows that are mismatched, faded or broken detract from its’ beauty. Whether your need for windows is aesthetic, functional or both, windows can be made to meet practically any need. Your budget plays a major role in directing your choices. Fortunately, a massive variety of colors, shapes and sizes give you endless options.

  1. Outside noise is an issue

Modern windows are designed to reduce sound transfer which can make a huge difference to your quality of life if you live near a busy road. If you can clearly hear noise from outside when you stand inside, and the window is shut, this is probably an indicator that your window is quite old. So, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, new is the way to go.

  1. You just survived a severe storm

After surviving a severe storm your top priority in a window is low maintenance, windows made with Ultrex fiberglass would be a smart choice. The finish is three times thicker than the competitors’, which ensures Integrity windows won’t crack, dent, chip, or peel — they’re virtually maintenance-free.


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